By USAHIhifriends


Let's see . . .  seemed like more backwash today which rippled the water up.  Lots more white foam water, but the waves were definitely down.   A dog was digging in the sand, hoping for  . .  a sandcrab?  a stray fin?  a leftover sandwich?    A big, heavy camera appeared on a selfie-like stick!  Gads, the weight on the end must have made this difficult to control, much less hold steady.   This red-shirted photographer we've seen before, he usually just holds his camera.   Another guy was out handholding a big one, too, and a delighted boarder found himself aiming for them both!   But really liked these two others (and I'm trying to conserve extras, don't you know!).

Extras   -
1.  Click, click, click , click, click, click   . . . 
2.   Reserve parking space ?   Hiding behind his selfie stick?


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