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 .............. Monday319  (MM319)  ........... with thanks to ApolloFly for hosting with the optional challenge of  " Essential "

Whisper is an essential member of our family - protecting us from killer cats, killer birds, killer neighbours (especially the ones with killer dogs) and all things he believes we need to know about outside the house!!   :o))

This is being posted five days late following a tripping-up-falling-down episode I had - not been able to get up and down the stairs properly so resorted to sleeping on the sofa for a few nights - my computer is upstairs in the "office"........  

I have managed to hobble about on level surfaces and Himself and I look at each other staggering about, groaning and moaning and holding each other up and wonder how we got from fit, young(ish) things to being old and decrepit.   :o))

 The above-mentioned Whisper is a little stir-crazy as I can't walk him - and we still have orangeness in the back garden so the multitudinous cats next door torment him each time he goes out.

The fencing is the neighbours' responsibility however we are fed up of waiting for them to do anything (and they haven't approached us) so we have contacted our "fencing man" and got a quote ........ maybe they will offer to contribute when they see the work being done but I'm not holding my breath!   Their damaged fencing panels and posts are still exactly where they fell.

Weather permitting we are having more tree-felling people arriving on Monday - I say 'people' as they are a married male/female couple (uncle and aunt of the fencing man!) - their quote was a quarter of the that we got from the previous tree-fellers the other week  -  they insisted they show me all their credentials and chainsaw licence as well as their waste disposal licence - they also came to give us a quote within three hours of me contacting them - on their way from one job to another.   Impressive.

That's part of my news for this week past!

~ Anni ~

Backblipped Saturday 7th for Monday 2 March 2020. 

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