Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Ronde van Groningen

Beautiful weather today, so Martine and I decided to go for a 8.5km walk. When we were almost back home, we saw lots of police motorcycles passing us. We wondered what was going on. The answer came a couple of minutes later, when the cyclists whizzed by. The “Ronde van Groningen” cycling race, we found out when we were back home.

In the afternoon I was in touch with Herman and Ton to see if we would do a sunset shoot. Ton couldn’t make it, but Herman and I went to the windmill De Helper. Unfortunately, the sky had turned grey around two hours before sunset. Herman and I did shoot at the windmill but I don’t think I got anything better than I did on previous shoots at that location. Still, it was fun being out there again and catching up with Herman. Thanks Herman!

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