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Voices of those who will not be silenced

A great day! We had the auditions for a public reading of the play in which Donna Hayes brings her grandson and seven others, all killed by Portland police, back to life. The play also features a chorus (of the kind in Greek tragedy) that interrupts the actors to shout their opinions, taken from the "Comments" sections of online newspaper reports. This talented group of people was chosen for the ensemble, plus a few more who had to leave before we got around to the photo (it's hard to wear two hats), but we are still missing actors who can play two key roles--those of young Black men. I can easily imagine why any young Black man might hesitate before deciding to be part of a play about police brutality. I was both moved and surprised by the ability in the room. These are some highly skilled performers. I'll get a complete cast photo when we have our first rehearsal, March 21. Meanwhile we will do all we can to recruit two more actors. 

Another wonderful thing happened today. I have mentioned before my long-time friend, Argentine photographer Paula Luttringer. Today a really fine interview with her was published, and it includes an overview of her work of the past two decades. It is remarkable for what she has done and what she has to say, and it is also thought-provoking, I think, for anyone who takes photography seriously.

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