For reasons which I hoped would become clear at some point in the day I've been banished from my normal office and have an exciting two weeks ahead of me where I get to work in a different building on something reasonably different from normal. Unfortunately it doesn't mean that I can completely ignore everything I've not had to deal with whilst on holiday as some things need to get done. Unfortunately I don't have a locker or a key to the bike shed so will have to come to some arrangement with my rucksack, work trousers and work shoes to avoid having to do anything undignified like walk to work wearing work clothes or be unable to go for a nice lunchwalk along the nearer-by river wearing foot- and leg-wear appropriate to the environment. Not that I'll get a lunchwalk tomorrow as I'll be late in after going to the dentist whose idea of an early appointment resembles mid-morning as far as work-time is concerned (and that's if I'm seen on time, something which has yet to happen).

It became slightly clearer what my point was during a meeting in the afternoon though I'm slightly nervous about piping up in front of proper techies on their own area of expertise (and in one of their own buildings) even when it looks like one or two of them might be holding the middle of the stick rather than either the wrong or right end just in case I have similarly miscalculated somewhere. They also seemed to have formed the impression that I had written something which I didn't write when it was written a year or so ago and it's difficult to put them right about such things without seeming shirksome even when the alternative is embarking on long-winded explanations of the various things which could have been meant by the actual authors depending on the context. Another meeting tomorrow afternoon, hopefully in a room in a building I know.

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