Elwetritsches Welt

By Elwetritsche


I didn't know what to do or where to go today and ended up at the water-basin. It was only the second or third time I've been there in winter months.
The basin was covered (I knew that), but it was nice walking down the hill and inspecting everything including the bench (extra). Can't wait to get started again.

The main blip is the view from the path. In the center the water "cascade" as it runs down the steps into a small pond, crossing the path on its way down. In the upper right corner the behinds of two of the many times blipped Elwetrisch, both having an eye on the basin.
The bench is on the other - lower - side of the (very wet) path in the Glan valley. I can already see myself sitting there again. I'm easily pleased....not much of a dream, but one that will easily come true.

19:00; 10°C

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