By Ridgeback13


Up and prepared lunch as we chatted, drank tea and ate croissants. Beautiful sunny day again so took AR&Mx round to the playground whilst Mt&H got on with stuff undisturbed, lovely shift of pace and focus when out with kids...slow walking, interest in tiny stones, flowers and puddles etc, non stop questions (why do the clouds move, why does the wind blow), delight in new skills (AR can keep herself going on the swing now by pushing her legs forwards and back) and new phrases or ideas getting adopted (“I just need a little boost”).
AR spent most of the time on the swing although also did some pretty adventurous climbing (extra), whereas Mx did circuits of the whole park having short goes on everything.
Back to K’s and Mt&H then A&N soon arrived for lunch, but K had to bail out feeling headachey and sick unfortunately. Hearing about the plans for astronomers coming with telescopes to A&N’s wedding weekend to give a demonstration and talk ...they’re so excited about it all.
Chatted, showed them the dress I bought yesterday and ate too much then headed home. Didn’t stop at all and arrived by 9pm in time for a cup of tea and bit of downtime before bed. It’s been a good weekend.

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