The Life of Bri

By bri

Eco, but not back, friendly

I spent a large part of the day cursing the joker who decided to put a wood pellet boiler in this house.

Due to the snow, the delivery lorry couldn't get down the drive (or get his forklift out). So we had to unload a full tonne of pellets in 20kg bags one at a time out of the lorry, then I had to transfer them into the back of our truck, drive down the lane and then transfer them again to the shed. Oh yes, did I mention it was snowing too?

Spent a frustrating morning in phone queues on a dodgy mobile signal trying to get our landline connected - getting heartily sick of the phrase "We are experiencing high call volumes"

Into the office for the afternoon, then home to tow our decorator out of the drive, and then head off to B&Q for more paint.

I did fit in a wee ski first thing though, so it wasn't all bad...

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