By seizetheday

Sea view

In to Berwick first thing with MrM, as we each had an appointment for a dental check-up. I went in first and then, while MrM was with the dentist, decided that I needed to see the sea and to breathe in some sea air. Had a brisk walk to the nearest spot with a sea view and just stood for a couple of minutes, looking into the wide blue yonder. Unfortunately, the sea was quite some distance away, beyond the golf course. Quite a few golfers were out making the most of the fine weather. Time for a couple of quick shots before dashing back to meet MrM. In this direction, you can see the lighthouse on Berwick Pier and, in the far distance, Lindisfarne and Bamburgh castles.

Called in to the Green Shop, and had a coffee at The Mule on Rouge before walking back to the car and heading for home.

Decidedly out of sorts at the minute. Maybe I just need to avoid the news for a day or two...

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