Ferry Day

We started this morning in Ahipara and we had a wander on the beach at the bottom of the 90 mile beach.  (The beach is apparently 88km long, but it apparently depends on where you decide to measure the start of it from!).  We watched some people attempting to surf - most of them were falling in spectacularly - and then we left for our journey south.

We drove a wiggly road through to Kohukohu, where we ordered a couple of toasties for lunch.  These took an inordinate amount of time - like half an hour - so we took them as a takeaway and drove through to the car ferry slightly further on.

The ferry (first extra) took 15 minutes to take us over the bay to Rawene where we had a wander around and looked at a gallery before having a cuppa.

We then drove through to Koutu Boulders.  These are kind of like the Moeraki Boulders that we've visited before on South Island, but not in as pretty a location.  The second extra is some of the boulders, whilst the third extra is the view across the water.

We stopped at Opononi to photograph the view across the bay to the massive sand dune there (main blip) and whilst we were there we watched a coastguard boat launch.  As they were doing this a car drove up with an entire boar strapped to the roof (last extra). One of the people in the car went to the loo, then they drove off.  It certainly cheered up the kids that were hanging around!

Next we drove through and checked into our hotel before visiting a couple of viewpoints above the town.  We then returned to the hotel for dinner.

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