By Rosemarie55


8°C  -  Feels like 4°C  -  20 mph W Wind Speed  -  31 mph Gusts  -  Sunny.  Bank, Aldis and Lidls  -  all shelves well stocked  -  no sign of bulk buying.  Came home and strolled round the garden  -  this Daisy caught my attention because some of the the yellow disc florets were red.  I’d never seen this before although I’ve often seen the white ray florets (which look like petals) with red tips. Perhaps I’m a late learner, but I learnt today that a Daisy is not just one flower, but a composite of a number of tiny flowers which make up the yellow disc in the middle ('disc florets') and the surrounding white 'ray florets' (which look just like petals). This LINK will tell you all about it!

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