The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Through the Banisters

Pi's nose was poking through the bannisters this morning, as she lay sleeping. It looks a very uncomfortable way to sleep!

I had to do a very, very difficult French oral exam practice this morning, which didn't go very well, as well as a little grammar. But I didn't do much other schoolwork, just a bit of history reading, because we went out in the afternoon. Mum to the dentist, whilst I bought some pencil sharpeners, returned some carpet samples to the carpet shop, and collected a prescription.

Then to Fort Kinnaird, to buy me a new pair of jeans, and a new pair of gloves, because the present pair have a large hole in. Also to look at picture frames in hobbycraft, but that didn't come to anything,.They are wonderful gloves; a better fit than the old pair. They are small, yet long and very narrow like my hands. They fit.... like a glove, as they say! All in all, a very successful shopping trip.

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