The second half of life..

By twigs


In 1986 J, the gentleman standing with his arms folded to the left of the high jump mats, competed against this jumper's Uncle N to claim the senior boys High Jump record in the school athletics.  Both lads failed to clear 1.92 and drew for honours with successful jumps of 1.90.  That record has stood for 34 years, until today......

This is A clearing 1.94.......a gob-smackingly awesome performance!  34 years ago there was a fantastic atmosphere on the school field and today, though the conditions were a little damp, the atmosphere was again fantastic. School had even recognised the significance of the occasion and asked a few of us oldies who have been around a long time and who were present for the original record if we'd like to help out with the event today and watch A's record attempt.  What was really great though was that J, one of the record holders, was also able to be present.  Sadly, N hadn't been able to make it.  The sense of community demonstrated today was indeed, very special.  I have a feeling that A's new record will be around a l-o-n-g time too!

And for those of you not too sure about the height - yes - it's H-U-G-E!  1.94 is a tad over six feet 4 inches so most people would be able to easily walk under it.

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