BikerBear's Blips

By BikerBear

Whisper ...............

 ............. Wednesday.

He was fast asleep - look at his gorgeous little scrunched up cheek on the cushion!!  :o))

Scrunchier larger .............

I played around with this for ages - really like the result but can't remember what I actually did!    Rats!

Speaking of rats - I think we have one in the front garden border near the window - I keep find a hole, filling it in and then it appears again - have to get the "Big Cheese" humane rat-trap out I think. 

A "mission" tomorrow - no flying (thank goodness) but a LOT of miles to cover in the car - it's an automatic so no issues with my knee - however I suspect I will be very achy after around 12-14 hours!
Blipping will be late - again - and I've just caught up!

~ Anni ~

Quite a nice iris posted for yesterday if you fancy a peep.

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