By spannarama

London Calling

I went back to the office today!  A whole two weeks after I was last there.  

I probably wasn't quite ready, as I was pretty exhausted by the time I got in, and really flagging by lunchtime - but I made it through the day and got the things done that I needed to.  I even managed to pick up a couple of orders (some tea from Whittard - on my way in - and a backpack for Tim from Blacks - on my way home) that were in danger of being returned as I'd taken so long to collect them.

Good to be in the office today, as we got some good news - our completely useless colleague has been let go.  That may sound mean, but he was a total liability and making everyone else's jobs so much harder.  I hope he manages to sort himself out now.

Absolutely done in by the time I got home, but not really feeling ill, just knackered.  Had a very easy evening, and a damned good sleep when bedtime came around.

Oh, and these lyrics to the Clash song are painted all the way around the circular bit of highwalk outside the Museum of London.  Bit of a random selection as I hurried by, but seems morbidly appropriate at the moment!

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