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A juggling squirrel?

The squirrels are as busy as humans with their hoarding these days. The amount of peanuts they eat, bury and perhaps dream of juggling is just enormous. The same goes for the carts I see tooling around the supermarkets filled with toilet paper and essentials. 

Our pantry is well stocked as usual with some extras. I started early, so we have what we may/will probably need. These are troubling times, but Merry and I are very lucky, T will be working from home through at least the end of March. This means avoiding the always packed commuter rail which is like a doctor's waiting room at the best of times. This could be the worst of times I'm afraid, so staying healthy is the most important thing.

Our new dryer was successfully delivered, things will be back to normal for the laundry business. Merry was not impressed with the hub bub, some delivery folks are friendlier than other, these were three silent ones, in and out in a flash, all business.

I have a Historical Society Executive Board meeting tonight, we shall see if we need to scale back on some public programs. The problem in and around Boston now seems to be mainly involving folks who have attended conferences where people have been exposed. The JFK Museum and Library announced a closure today due to some staff members attending a conference where someone has tested positive. Anyone who visited the museum between March 2-11 has to watch for symptoms.

March Madness, NCAA women's and men's basketball tournaments will be played will without fans. This could become a trend throughout sports in the US. Restrictions and shutdowns will be announced everyday, we have to try to stop the spread somehow. The word now is that we can expect at least a third of the population here will be affected. At nearly 71 and a two time pneumonia sufferer, I admit to being a bit worried. Merry's reaction is in the extra.

For the Record,
This day came in sunny and warm.

All hands wary.

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