Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Drenched on the way to work. The workshop looked more like a drying room. Not that I had much time in there. Manic day, with barely five minutes for a break and lunch at twenty to three, and then more stuff, with day ending with an emergency meeting discussing strategies in the event of the place having to close if/when that virus strikes locally.

After work, cycle to supermarket for a few kilos of shopping, noting that there were toilet rolls available - no panicking here... so far. Heading for home, there was something wrong before the Kessock Bridge. Deflated, both me mentally, and the back tyre. Slow puncture, so managed to pump up the tyre and then cycle half way up that bridge. Reflate, and then get off the bridge, and walk to big layby further on. Reflate again, and for some reason the tyre stayed up for much longer. Walked up the big hill past Drumsmittal, and another couple of reflations saw me most of the way home, with a bit of walking too.

After fixing the puncture, caused by a huge thorn, removing a large piece of glass from the tyre, and other potential future punctures, glued up a few nasty cuts in the tread, and sorted some other issues. Now I see it's been snowing outside, so it may be the bus tomorrow. No time to consider any decent photos. The Mute Swans at the campus started building their nest this week, and were adding some finishing touches as I soggily hurtled by this morning.

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