2013: A Photo Odyssey

By Aoraki

Waxing Lyrical

We had clear skies tonight in Sydney, and inspired by the moonshots of many other blippers, I thought I'd have a crack myself.

I'm limited to 200mm, so I'd love to give this ago with a big lens :)

I also spent an hour trying out a new recipe for night sky work (I've been having no success at all) that I pinched off Fritz. The first attempt was good- -the second and third even better. Turns out I haven't been pushing my ISO far enough.

When I did BANG! The stars popped. Can't believe it's taken me this long to crack it.

Orion's Belt

You can even sort of make out the Great Orion Nebula (Middle "star" in the handle of the pot).

Thank you Fritz.

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