By Beckett


... I had been down helping a friend with a Laptop setup, and on the way home needed a walk so called by the Lagoon.

Spotted a Cormorant drying it self off, and right above me this little White Plumed Honeyeater stopped by to check out what was doing!!

Then a Pelican did a low flyby before dropping into the Lagoon. As I went down to check it out noticed a spot on its neck, so zoomed in to get a shot to check it out. Could have guessed it, like a rocket it took off and way. BUT, sadly the mark on the neck is showing it has been caught by a fishing hook (you can see the line trailing) so I hope it was not in too much pain. 

Then as I was heading away, in came a low flyer making a landing nearby into the RAAF base at Richmond. Of course the bush and the BIG gun drawing it in makes it look a lot lower than in reality.

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE and another one of the Honeyeater... here.

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