bird ballet

This was a day where I had a lot of photos to chose from. I kept coming back to this. Steve took me out in our launch, Chelsea. This is our electric/solar powered, slow going, handmade boat that we love exploring the Braden River with. It was lovely that the time change made it so that the sun was a bit higher in the sky in the late afternoon. We did not have it shining right in our faces! 

We went to the "lower islands" which are down river a bit. We hardly see any houses there, just a few. But we do see a lot of birds! This Great blue heron was sitting on a branch (a mangrove, I think) as we quietly approached. Steve pointed it out to me (get ready, he's going to fly!) and I did my best, as shooting flying birds is not my forte. I was very happy I caught this - looked like bird ballet to me!  A couple extras . . . 

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