Yellow Pepper

Thanks to Ingeborg, as ever, for hosting the abstract challenge, this week with an organic theme. Played with this yellow pepper image on Photoshop.

So windy today that I pegged out a few items on the washing whirl line. There followed two torrential hail showers. Even so, the washing was nearly dry when I brought it in. Gale-force winds have their moments!

Not feeling well enough to go dancing tonight, but improving in between coughing fits and filling tissues. Makes me realise how long it is since I had a bad cold. Which makes me feel lucky.

Wrote a topical limerick today:

As Covid-19 strikes all lands,
For a while the whole world understands
To bump elbows, salute,
Maybe bow (that looks cute!);
We’re advised it’s not wise to shake hands.

© Celia Warren 2020

I've also posted this limerick on another favourite hobby site for those who love words and writing limericks!

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