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The Edinburgh Edition

We're taking shots of favourite pieces from the exhibition, and the rocks with headphones are ones the youngsters like - 'rock music', get it?

This Edinburgh 'Rock', complete with headphones sits beside those natural rocks in the exhibition and it's another one that makes people smile... the fine taste of Scotland, thistle and tartan to boot, reminiscent of the Burns shortbread tin survival kit.

In November 1786, four months after the Kilmarnock Edition, the first Edinburgh Edition of Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish dialect by Robert Burns was published. He had sold the copyright for 100 guineas. Selling copyright is something pupils have been learning about, as they've explored George Wyllie's work.

For the Edinburgh edition, Alexander Nasmyth was commissioned to paint a portrait of Burns. It's now in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and it was engraved to provide a frontispiece for the poetry book. It's an image which has become the basis for almost all subsequent representations of Burns, including the shortbread tins.

Wonder if Alexander Naysmith though of selling the copyright for that image. You could imagine it being added to the Edinburgh Rock boxes. (which incidentally we've discovered you can still buy)

Any suggestions of favourite blips which would make a... fine taste of Scotland?

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