Strange Saturday - Lonely Feather

Saw this lonely feather this morning as Toto and I had a short walk. The lonely feather looked so stranded and trapped and strangely it was just how I was starting to feel!  

We’re seriously discussing just closing down for at least a few weeks and we hear that lots or I should say most business’s here will be doing the same. We deal mostly with musicians and people involved in the music industry, schools and churches etc and as most events and gatherings of people are starting to be cancelled we think that there wont be much work coming in. Both of us are older and have lung problems so we are in the high risk categories and don’t want to put ourselves into further risk situations so closing down seems the only way to go.   The government will assist in a small way by giving us enough money to allow us to continue to pay our one fabulous employee who we would hate to lose even though he wont be coming to work for this period.  Nothing is more important than staying alive so its a good plan! But a scary venture to be just stopping everything!

Its finally raining tonight and some thunder and lightning could happen so Toto has his new ThunderShirt on and is feeling pretty good, see extras :o)

Thanks for the love for those orange bits last night, I hope to catch up tomorrow with you all.  Take care in these strange times dear Blippers xxx

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