hello again

By admirer


And the parent did not seem amused with the cry for help.
And soon flew away, leaving the child at the lamp post alone.
We will travel back to Germany tomorrow, and for a nice farewell we walked with Mischa and Dolf in the Ockenburgh park. 
The weather was really nice, and no wind to speak of.
We walked all the paths and drank tea outside sitting in the sun..
At some point Mischa draw our attention to a couple of mandarin ducks, and I was astonished to see them, because now I understood that the pair which I had seen at the pond near our flat, could be easily this pair, and I show a picture of them in the extras. And we saw another pair too in the canal.
A really silly experience. Who knows how many mandarin ducks are living here in freedom?
Another silly fact. The books thrown in the windowsill at the other side of the street are gone, but I do not know what is or will be their fate.
It is unknown how things will develop in the next months, but the time we could share with Mischa and Dolf will leave an unforgettable impression.

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