... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Ross'swringing

Enter the splash zone in large.
Extra: Ross's goose father push Chiloe wigeon off
Ross'sling favourites: Inverted, Flapping, Running

Mum and I went to see the Ross'sling &c. at St. James's Park in the early afternoon. We had only a few moments of sunshine, and it started to rain as we left, but it was nice to see the Ross's goose family all together and looking so well, and they were all vigorously washing, preening, shaking, and flapping which was fun photographically...

I was going to blip my last extra ("Running") which was the Ross'sling chasing after her family as they hurtled towards someone offering bread (*tsk*), but the shaking shot was probably my favourite pic. even if it is more similar to previous Ross'sling blips. There were lots of flapping, shaking, and preening pictures that I liked, but I tried to shortlist the most different ones. I put the whole lot of (mostly) Ross'sling pics on Flickr if you want to share in her uplifting adorableness.

Others here (or right from Chiloe wigeon shaking)

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