Hang On To Gasometers

As your know I'd booked to climb  this on March 20th .
First an email  then a call. "would I go today ? " Reasons virus measures may stop such activities and today was forecast good weather OK by me so I asked if I could take my time  ..Answer No !  , Question  Why ? My name was off the list .So much for honesty .I asked if I could film . No comment was the response .So I went . Had no trouble with security when I said I wished to look and take pictures , The group I would have been with were mainly British .and we chatted One pair said it would be fine to see such on YT ....Believe me their pace would have been OK  .  .Even so  glad I went . Silly maybe but motivational .Extra is a shot of the group starting . Main is amazing structure that is our equal of a listed building .
Do the film tonight meanwhile here's an apt piece of music .
Classical Gas

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