a lifetime burning

By Sheol

This note's for you

Absolutely exhausted still today, I've been lying down for probably 80% of the time if not more :-)

Feeling a brief burst of enthusiasm this evening I checked the guitar was in tune and played for a few minutes before I realised that I was just too tired to be able to concentrate on it.  So here's a quick mono shot of the really rather excellent clip on tuner - I'm off to lie back down again.

This self-isolation lark is easy, I haven't got the energy to even want to go outdoors at the moment :-)

Of course, things are going to become slightly more difficult early next week when Cathy and I are due to run out of milk, but hopefully we can sort out a supermarket deliver, or if not one of our friends will probably be prepared to leave the milk on the doorstep. 

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