Determined to sort the flat out today as it’s been a mess for ages, but started with a trip to the optician’s to check what turned out to be a floater in my right eye and have my varifocals adjusted, then some shopping for cleaning stuff (at the refillery down the road....lovely shop although I messed up the tap on one of the vats of cleaning fluid and spilled bathroom cleaner everywhere-what a rookie!).
The pavements and shops definitely seem quieter than usual, strange eerie atmosphere or is that just my imagination? I had coffee in a little cafe whilst I waited for the refillery to open -  very aware of how badly affected small businesses are going to be by people’s caution and concern to avoid others at the moment. How long will it last? So hard to know what the next few weeks and months will bring. It would be nice to think that a greater sense of connectedness and interdependence would come from this, of it being one world and not a collection of narrow national interests, and of the need to act in a way individually that would be for the benefit of others. However, hearing about an attack on one of our staff on Thursday as she walked home along Princes St in daylight makes me worry it could lead to the opposite.... 3 young men threw a drink at her and grabbed her and shouted at her to ‘go back to your own country’. Another colleague’s mother who’s lived here for years although originally from Malaysia was also recently yelled at in the street by people who assumed she was Chinese and a bearer of the virus. Shocking.
Home to deal with more queries and emails and plans for the next stages of managing stuff for students and staff, then to IKEA with V to get some little tables (and more candles -as you always do there!).
Home and finally got round to sorting and cleaning and eventually made progress although it was hard to stay motivated. Put clean sheets on the bed...I’m pleased I made the shift from all white to very colourful bedding and always love the feel of clean ironed sheets.
A phoned on her way home from another day at A&E. Bit busier today but she’s frustrated by the confusion and lack of routine as everyone tries to adapt to the difficult circumstances whilst clearly making up the new protocols as they go along.
More emails and conversations and planning, then supper and watched the film ‘Call me by your name’ in the evening....some continental escapism....

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