By Number147



Touch wood, Hetty appears to be house trained!! One of us comes down in the early hours to put her out and she goes back to bed readily. 

The weather this morning was diabolical. We have far reaching views and can see what weather is coming. All we could see was rain so went out anyway.

Our walk wasn't long! It's stopped now and we are ready for an afternoon on the sofa.

Lots of photos on Facebook of the madness in the local supermarkets. Fortunately our Spar is supplied by local growers and we eat a plant based diet. So we are fine!

Clive was eager to get his MiL as usual. The care home take temperatures of visitors in and out. I talked him into leaving her this weekend. Sundays have become a bus man's holiday for me and I just wanted a dementia free weekend. (Selfish cow)

Later the sun came out so we had another walk. Probably Hetty's longest.

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