Robert Ostrochovsky

By youoregon1


The store called CLOSED sums up my early walk in Braga.  

Current numbers confirmed are 245. The adults in charge in Portugal have made some important decisions. The borders are expected to be closed soon. Since Spain already closed their borders, and the Atlantic is on our other side, that makes it cozy. Earlier we took advantage of take-out from our dear restaurant friend today, and then a few minutes ago Braga called for the closure of all non-essential services. 
The extras show that it is quiet. If this does not resemble your town, the trend will be going in that direction no doubt.

 American response is a cluster of idiotic proportions. Multiple political and familial reasons. If one death is being worth held accountable for, I trust that a tribunal will someday be calling out those responsible.

May your families and friends be well.

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