Introducing Orla.... her heritage on the Irish side.

I think she really enjoyed the Whiskey

Not sure she liked the Leprechaun though ... See Extra ------>

After our lovely time in Edinburgh today was supposed to be relaxing but it was quite a busy one. First I had to go into town to pick up a parcel and a few essentials like milk, nappies, etc. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Around lunchtime Claire, Orla and myself went to my parents house for an hour or so for a catchup and we ended up going through some old holiday slides which my dad had scanned in. Claire and myself could definitely see me and my sisters characteristics in Orla.

Later on Claire's family were going to the pub for a Saint Patricks music gig. I decided to walk there and back for some exercise with Orla strapped to me.

A good end to my time off, work is going to be hard tomorrow.

Mr Bo Hingles

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