Beached seal pup

I thought I put this one on yesterdays extras but it was not on there 
so here he is Blk Jac .
while I was in the bee space sorting out the bees.
As it was a nice warm  sunny day 11 degrees just warm enough for the bees to be opened up quickly, 
I had an important job to do so Bee Suit on wellies double gloves I went in with my fine sieve and some Icing sugar.
took off the top lid where inside they have something called a Miller Feeder.In this it has two deep open sides at the moment I have cake fondant in there,this is to give them food while the  weather is pouring of rain or really cold you can imagine those tiny warm little bodies they do go out for a poo then back in otherwise if they have no fuel inside them and they can't fly at a fast wing speed they just drop and die.
so that's a bit about what is in there.
remove the next level off and now you can see into the brood box this is where all the bees are busy Queen lays her eggs in to the frames of drawn comb so it has the little cells ready for the queen to lay about a hundred per day. she can live for three years. so I sprinkled the icing sugar over them and then they groom each other as well and by doing so they remove the nasty Varroa Mites that live under the plates of their bodies where yo see the stripes on the body they are thin segments that allow them to move around
and it saves using chemicals on the bees. and I like that. in the extra you can see the Nucleus the smaller portable hive and you can see the the different levels soon as the weather gets warmer they can go into the proper hive.
Have a good day blippers and keep safe.

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