Life in Canada

By MissMacPic


In 1933, there were only 70 Trumpeter Swans known to exist which means that they were so very close to being extinct.  They had been over-hunted for their meat and feathers (down).  A plan was put into place to save them.

Today, some 50,000 call North America their home. The Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group started a conservation project in 1982, using eggs collected in the wild. Live birds have also been taken from the wild. Since then, 584 birds have been released in Ontario. Despite lead poisoning in the wild from shotgun pellets, the prospects for restoration are considered good.  This is one of the birds from the reintroduction project - meet X07, one of some 1000+ swans who call Ontario home  :))

In extras:  a Mute swan cob who was being an absolute bully to all the Trumpeters.  One pair of trumpeters was standing on shore and he would continue to circle back to glare at them.  The photo of him 'attacking' was towards three unsuspecting individuals who swam too close to his territory (I suspect he is thinking of building a nest near by with his lovely lady who was peacefully swimming in the area).  In another photo, I even got a bit of a look from him.  At one point he swam straight at me - I prepared to leave the area if he came up on shore but luckily, he simply watched and then saw a Trumpeter to pursue.

My best find:  a leucistic Mallard!!!  I couldn't decide if I wanted to make her my main blip...  So great to see  :))

Stay safe....I worry about you all.

D x

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