By isbi

Green for St Patrick

Jensphotos has asked us to post something green for St Patrick’s Day this Tiny Tuesday.
I also couldn’t resist the very Australian extra of 3 kookaburras on the hills hoist.

This morning I took advantage of the “Elderly Shopping Hour” at Woolies. Normally I wouldn’t consider myself nearly old enough but I do have a Seniors Card and that puts me at the bottom of the queue for ventilators if push comes to shove.
Contrary to what I’ve seen on the media, it was very orderly at the Katoomba store with everyone being very polite. I even got a pack of toilet paper - the second last one:-)

I had a bit more luck with call centres today. Helen was having trouble contacting Europecar to change the drop off from Lyon railway station to the airport. It was difficult to find a phone number and when I did the message warned of “longer than usual” wait times but then promptly answered and sorted the issue easily. So not another lost day.
It’s great for them as they can go straight to the airport for their flight. She also just got an email saying the hotel they were going to stay at is closing for 15 days. So just as well they no longer need it.

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