By TrishaR

Empty shelves

We  always do our supermarket shop on a Monday before 10am cos it's quiet and you can whizz round without battering anyones ankles.  Hmm, not today.  Seems like the good folks of Perth have taken a liking to dried pasta (boke from me) and also started washing their hands more often too.  Not sure why the loo rolls shelf resembled this one?  Lot's of stomach issues?  

NO - it's the bloody stupid cretins panic buying!  Despite a letter from the supermarkets saying there is plenty food folks are going mental for baked beans, tinned fruit, tinned tomatoes, dried pasta, hand gel, loo rolls, kitchen roll, tins of tuna, dried baby milk, nappies, calpol, paracetamol etc etc etc.  But guess what? Plenty of fresh fruit and veg.......

And the aisles were packed like Christmas and the poor till assistant says its been constant since last Friday.  IDIOTS!  STOP PANIC BUYING!  The bloody loo rolls are made in the UK!!

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