By WharfedaleBex

Day 2 - still on holiday

We enjoyed another outing today although neither of us are feeling particularly fit.  Yesterday's excuse was we were ousting the pollution, today, we're just unfit!  

Still, great to be out.

Rich went to see what was left in the shops. After the stories we've heard, we weren't do hopeful but he did pretty well although it felt a little but like Cuba for some supplies. Hopefully, it'll settle down when people feel like they have enough in reserves.

Our village has started a support group for vulnerable people and I had a chat with our buddies who are both 83 and been married for 60 years - I just spoke to A who sounds like she has a great sense of humour.  I'm looking forward to finding out more about them.  We're self-isolating at the moment so can't help them with shopping but am in touch with a  man who can.

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