What a wonderful wonderful .....

....world we live in. And N and I were reminded of that in amongst all the strangeness when we went for a walk in Gosford estate today. The day started sunny and bright but was overcast and grey when we went out but this meant the birds were very quiet and settled as we did our socially isolated walk. Can anyone else see the monster in the extra?
We visited Mum afterwards ....she's doing OK although the reality of CV is kicking in as her various little groups and clubs are closing down for the present. We actually think the combination of real drama and enforced rest is doing her good :) 
The other blip is slightly self explanatory but is real ....we thought we should perhaps have a thermometer but couldn't find one then remembered the meat thermometer so got a new battery for it and it works fine! I tried it ....I don't have a temperature :)

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