By Arachne

Stuff and non-sense

A man with a van drove about half of my remaining possessions (I've got rid of loads and am rather horrified at how much there still is) to my mum's in London today for storage until I have a habitable place of my own. I am hugely grateful that she has the space and kindness to look after this lot for me. My original plan was to stay overnight, spend tomorrow with her then come home in the evening but the escalating uncertainty about what we should all be doing to keep ourselves and each other safe, along with doubts about how long public transport will continue, meant that I came back on an almost empty bus this evening. 

What will emerge from this apocalypse that feels both slow-motion and fast-frame? Many people will lose their income and some will lose their home. There will be kindness and bartering and greed and conflict. There will be changes that no amount of political lobbying could bring about: lots of private enterprise will go to the wall unless it is bailed out by the state (nationalised?); the collapse of aviation and tourism will have a huge impact on carbon emissions; the costs of the health service and pensions, if a significant number of older, frailer people die, will be radically affected.

Or perhaps it's all hugely overblown and we'll be back to normal by June, but we'll all be altered by being scared into thinking about it.

Into what world, I wonder, will I unload my furniture and unpack my boxes?

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