By jac1954

Locally known as Trevor father to many kitties

He has taken to hanging around I hear his very Tom voice coming down my ally way or from over the back.
He looks filthy. he is dribbling like mad.Goodness knows how many fleas and worms he must have on or in.
He has come through my cat flap last week and ate all the foods around for the cats . I had left my shopping of potatoes,sweet potatoes, carrots, all packaged, in their own plastic,and in a plastic carrier bag, I left them and told them I will put you lot away later when I come back from work.
well the smell hit me as I came in through the front door and that's 60 feet away from the kitchen,
TOM CAT PEE!! all up the shopping, the cupboard door, it seemed to permeate my nostrils for at least a week, 
but I do think that diamond on his nose rather cute don't you
he is just a feral cat that has missed out on love, probably gets stones thrown at him as well.
my mind wanders at the thought I wonder what he would look like CLEAN...............      :-(((    My friend 's daughter named him after she and her friend saw him humping her friends new 6 month old Rag Doll pedigree cat  all the kittens she had were variations of him , but they all have homes and I bet they are wonderful  pets unlike poor getting old Trevor.

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