Black Cherry

By AlaBerPhotos


Things changed a bit our routine this morning.
Cheeky the hamster died.
Kids cried and we all decided to stay at home.
Helena is playing with Al, she wanted to comfort him and asked if they could do something together.
Al wanted to play Fornite as they don't normally play together at all.
I made them simple omelettes, and for myself a deluxe one with salt, pepper, chilli flakes, fresh chilli, nutmeg, loads of chives and salsa tartufata - deliciously hot combination :)

Because I'm staying with them at home I'm planning to cook more.
Starting with chocolate & beetroot muffins soon and hopefully I get kids to help me do Pierogi :)

Staying healthy and safe.

I've also finally created and started food blogging outside of Blipfoto :)
Should you wish to check my first blog - check here :)

A xo

Ps. Giving you two pictures to choose whichever you like the most, let me know :P

Extra Photo

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