By KaliBug

He Had 27

So, if you were wondering what this blip was all about, I decided I was going to photograph my Billy Idol book. It included snippits of information about Chelsea and Generation X, how he was a "pioneer of punk and a survivor too", it has a chronology in it, a discography (up-to-date if you went back in time to 1984), and many wonderful pictures of my favorite singer since age 3.

For my eighth birthday, my Mom took me to a Billy Idol concert at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland. I loved it. He talked to me and I was ecstatic!

This thick-paged paper back book is copyrighted in the year of 1985; ten years before I was born. If you're wondering why the title of this is He Had 27, it's because he had 27 songs all together in his discography at that time. Since then, he has come out with more albums including one of my favorites "Devil's Playground" and he even has a Christmas album.

On another note, I will know by tomorrow if Katie and/or I got accepted into the Miss Teen Portland pageant. Exhibition for my senior project proposal went well yesterday evening. Also, the workshop after the assembly was wonderful, so much energy and potential.

Cowboy fell asleep on Skype last night but instead of hanging up (like I should have done), I left it on while I sang because I didn't get to see him for very long today (if you count video chat as 'seeing' someone). I really miss him and hope that he can come visit soon. He's going to take me for a ride on the motorcycle <3 ((eep))

Feeling proud that I've been at least taking pictures everyday for the past 22 days (including today) even if a few are backdated... I will complete My 2013 and a little bit of 2014 365 Project. I am committed.

First semester of my last year of high school is almost over. While I'm extremely excited to graduate and while I'm extremely happy that semester 1 is almost over, I am sooooo not looking forward to finals. Not just because I don't want to take tests (who does) but it means for a few weeks, I won't have very much time to Skype Cowboy or to go on Blip hunts (looking for a good blip for that day).

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