Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Beach fun

Bit of a lie in before J took Kilda to fly ball early as she was planning on going to meet SR at Portie to go to for a swim or the Turkish baths. Managed to get the beer decanted, some bottles and more made while she was away. Bread was put on and soup for the week made as well. J and SR decided on the Turkish baths instead of a swim as it was a bit chippy and they aren’t sure when all the swimming pools will be shut down. Kilda and I had a nice run on the beach before a quick stop at Aldi proved the shelves were still bear but we did managed to get a bag of porridge oats. Back home for a quiet night in and some emails to BA and the travel agent to see if we can either get different flights to Freeport or our money back. Uncertain times ahead

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