By andrewmowat

It’s happening

At 2am this morning, the Saudi Government decreed that all private sector Head Office’s would implement home working immediately, and that only 40 people maximum would be allowed to work in the building, but this should be limited to basically IT staff. 

Due to difficulties in Jordan our systems haven’t been fully tested so, I spent the day planning on how the team would work. 

I decided to buy myself a Nespresso for home but what started as a 24 hour delivery turned into over a week.

At the same time Etihad have cancelled my next 6 flights between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. Despite me holding on for over 4 hours, they still don’t answer the phones, email enquires, or Twitter. While I understand the cancellations, the bookings have disappeared from the web, and I get error messages...will I get refunds. 

On the positive side today, Calum passed his driving test, and has driven Karen literally round the bend now. Also after a long day, it was nice to see that the supermarket was fully stocked with no panic buying. 

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