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Whisper .............

 ............... Wednesday - at least I think it was Wednesday yesterday (this posted a day late) - all the days seem to blur together!

This was taken around 16.00 while I was sitting on the sofa, he was across the room in his the chair and I was playing with my camera.

Liquid eyes on large .............

Today (Thursday) - Karma #1    I had to go to the bank in Spalding (none left in our town) to pay in a cheque - whilst over there I thought I would pop into Lidl and into Morrisons and have a wander (I don't call it shopping any more I go "panic buying" - bearing in mind that my normal spend is about a tenner it's not very panicky!!).

I got trolley-bumped and hassled around in Lidl as rude people grabbed masses of "stuff", heard a customer shouting at the till lad about not enough tills being open - he handled it so well : 

"I'm sorry MADAM (a tad sarcastically - you go, boy) but we all came into work this morning at five and we have been working hard to fill the shelves so that our customers have something to buy - as you can see people are still panic buying (he looked very pointedly into her overflowing trolley) - we cannot man the tills AND fill the shelves at the same time - so sorry for that!"

''Well said'' , said I - the elderly chap behind  me said loudly  "for God's sake woman, give the lad a chance, he's doing his best''

Impromptu applause broke out, the woman went as red as a beet and started unloading her trolley!

Karma #2 ............. Morrisons - not much better than Lidl for rude people.   Went for fuel and then into the store for dog food and dog treats and kitchen roll ........... hoping for some pasta too but no luck.  No surprise at that.  There I am looking at the kitchen roll (next to the bereft of toilet roll shelves) when a nice assistant sidles up to me and says:
 "Can I help you, Madam?"  
''Errrm no'', say I, ''just trying to decide whether to buy the cheap stuff or the more expensive one - but thank you anyway"
''Would you like some toilet rolls?'' She whispers
Me: (surprised expression) - '' well, yes please, if you have some''

With that she walked off, came back with a pack of four and said '' I can see you are not panic buying and these are the last rolls we have today so they are for you"

Well, how nice was that????  As they say up North - fair made mi day!!

I hid them under the dog food and did not let the shopping trolley out of my sight!!!!!!!!!    :o))   Got some very jealous looks at the checkout though!

Such an exciting day all round! 

Stay safe everyone.

~ Anni ~

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