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By HarlingDarling

Big green lump

When you do bookbinding, you stick things together and leave them under pressure to dry, so they dry flat and nicely stuck together, You need smooth, clean, heavy things to put on top of the drying things. Weights. Some people have pieces of railway line, or a brick wrapped up, or an old flat iron (I have two of those). The professional ones are flat lumps of metal with a handle for ease of lifting and placing, they come in many sizes and are not often found in second hand shops. You need handier little weights for smaller projects (like a glued spine that needs to be held down for a little while) and I have been keeping my eyes open for suitable things, compact weight, smooth and cleanable. 

Tadah! Enter the big green lump of glass, very cheap as it has a few chips off the old block. They will make no difference to its performance as a bookbinding weight. And best of all, it is beautiful. I love my tools to be beautiful, or charming, or have history. I really enjoy using tools I have seen Dad using (round nosed pliers, spy glass, set square, or my Granny (darning mushroom, bread knife), or that I was given by my Aunty Betty (pliers, ruler) and I've picked up some very nice pre-loved equipment over the years.

I attended the first meeting of the Left party board this evening, a proper meeting will be held on Saturday. Took the opportunity to do a bit of food shopping and spoke to the cashier about hoarding etc. She said last week was horrible, people buying masses of food and other supplies. This week is a lot calmer, she thought perhaps they had to eat up the food they bought before buying any more!

There's been wall to wall coronavirus on the radio but I turn it off, I am tired of listening to speculations and guesses.Happy to hear proper things, but not a load of perhaps, maybe, well you never know. I did some painting this afternoon, after a walk in the sunshine. I was aiming for light juicy flows of colour and ended up with something darker and more mysterious. I think corona is getting to me a bit!

Our path is half free of snow and ice, and the road through the village is completely clear. No snow at all in town, just lots of left-behind grit. The fields are emerging, the thin skim of snow will soon disappear on these warmer windy days. When I got home at just gone 7 it was freezing again and the path was crisp and slippery. Spikes on!

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