Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

The lights are on

but there weren’t many people inside. One of those days today. I got permission to carry 10 days over into next year as our holiday has been cancelled but the 4 days I’d got permission to use in April this year, cause I cancelled my holiday, I can’t now take in April and have to use by the end of the month. I do wonder about the eye of Mordor sometimes. Still came now our flextime is suspended there’s no point in me working late. Collected J and Kilda and headed to the beach. On the way we stopped off at B&M and Aldi to get some food in. Only found 2 big bags of lentils but did get some loo roll. The beach was busier than I expected and the sun had gone down which made the lights at the arcade stand out.

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