Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Crocuses - and a resident meerkat

Another trip to the shops, mostly to get some provisions for JH and MH who are self-isolating - but again, it's probably just that MH has a cold. Things seemed quieter today than yesterday, but might just have been chance.

The Houseproud resident meerkat is the extra photo, wearing a face mask (hope he knows it doesn't do any good), and it's clearly significant that he is standing next to a bottle of Domestos and a bar of Dettol soap. It's an excellent hardware shop and I'm glad that they still have a sense of humour.

As far as working from home went, I didn't get all that far. I needed to update my desktop PC which I hardly use normally and then I installed some software to connect to our head office server. My brain was severley incapable of doing much more than that. Maybe tomorrow will see more progress.

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