The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie


Me and my mum went for lunch with melamny and her daughter today. Then we babysat Daughter whilst melamny went for an X-ray, because poor Grandma is having to self-isolate because she had a fever. I brought some hairslides along for Daughter to play with / wear, which I found (goodness knows why they were there) in a cupboard in the sewing room. She enjoyed me putting them in my hair, and her taking them out. Then putting them on the piece of card, and taking them off again. Putting them into the pot, and taking them out again. Taking them to my mum, bringing them back. And it was very funny when the stuffed dog wore them. She has such a gorgeous laugh. And she did bouncing on the sofa, holding onto the back of it. She was screaming with laughter when I made the stuffed dog bounce beside her. We had lots of fun together! Her talking is getting so good now. She was saying - dogdogdogdogdog. And when my mum said something along the lines of - don't fall off the sofa and go bump! She sort of put her hand to her head and looked a bit puzzled, like, "but I didn't bump my head!" So cute! Oh, I'd better stop talking about her. I could go on all day!

We did have a camera lesson as well, learning about composition. Practicing arranging baby toys. It's harder than it looks! But very fun. The hairslides were part of composition practice. The camera was precariously balanced on the box with the cake in it to get it at the right angle to take the photo. Luckily it didn't fall!

Homegroup this evening was officially cancelled by the church about an hour before it was due to start. But as it would just have been our family and melamny's family anyway, we just went to theirs for tea / hot water and cake and pray / chat. It seemed silly not to go when we had visited them earlier!

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