Supermarket debacle!

Wednesday 18th March 2020           (backblip)

I have also backblipped yesterday's Flower power ...... hope you will have a look .... thanks to those who already have!

We tried to do our normal shop this afternoon! What a farce!

We ended up going to 4 different supermarkets & still couldn't get all our shopping! Ridiculous! If people stopped the selfish panic buying there would be enough for everyone!

Our local electrical shop has run out of freezers because everyone has been buying them to stuff with food ...... words fail me!!

Do hope you have been able to buy what you need!

Realised I didn't have a blip for today ...... nipped into the garden & took this using the flash as it was already dark! It is the Snowdrop leaves covered in droplets from today's rain :-)

"Mum's taxi" has been put on hold for the time being as nearly all our family are in the higher risk category ........ no idea when any of us will get to see each other again!

Still catching up!

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