Anatomy of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I mentioned that my husband and I have been sick this week. One of the things you crave when you are not feeling so great is comfort foods. So this was the feature on this day's menu, per my husband's request: toasted (or grilled) cheese sandwiches.

I like my toasted cheese sandwich extra cheesy. I usually put at least three slices of cheese in - the Kraft American slices are a favorite, as they goo up really well. I also add at least one other kind of cheese: on this day, some shredded white cheddar. I've zoomed in to give you a good look at all that cheesy goodness.

I wanted the song to accompany this image to be something extra-cheesy from the 80s. So here is Rod Stewart with Love Touch. The song is from the 1986 Robert Redford/Debra Winger/Daryl Hannah film Legal Eagles, which I own and have watched many, many times.

Come to me, you delicious creature!
I want to give you my love touch!

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